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Acer reveals SpatialLabs Eyes stereo camera: 8MP per eye, shoots up to 1080p 3D photos and videos!

Acer unveils its SpatialLabs Eyes stereo camera which can capture 3D video or photos at the Computex 2024.
Acer reveals SpatialLabs Eyes stereo camera: 8MP per eye,  shoots up to 1080p 3D photos and videos!
Acer SpatialLabs Eyes stereo camera

Acer unveils SpatialLabs Eyes stereo camera!

According to Acer, The small 3D camera works seamlessly with SpatialLabs products, allowing photographers to capture clear stereoscopic photographs and examine them in immersive 3D.

The SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera completes Acer’s stereoscopic 3D portfolio, providing solutions from content capturing and creation, to display and interaction,” said Jerry Kao, COO, of Acer Inc. We hope to empower users to capture the world around them in stunning stereoscopic 3D through the new camera and we’re excited to see the possibilities and the amazing content they will be able to create and share.

The new camera product also features a modern design, intuitive point-and-shot with its 8MP per eye resolution, a built-in selfie mirror, and a weatherproof exterior.
Can perform live streaming!
Can perform live streaming!

Acer noted its simple setup improves shooting experiences by utilizing meticulously calibrated lens alignment and an innovative optical system to capture subjects with increased 3D depth and clarity.

SpatialLabs Eyes offers auto and touch focus, as well as Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for stable and smooth filming. Professional photographers will benefit from manual mode, which allows them to adjust ISO, white balance, and shutter speed settings for greater control over image output.

The camera's exterior is coated in shale black, while the lens cap and selfie mirror enclosures are lined with aluminum for a refined appearance. The Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera has gained design honors, including the 2024 Red Dot and iF Design Awards, for its innovative features and clean appearance.

Apart from capturing photos and videos, the new product is also capable of real-time 3D streaming and storytelling, users can upload their content live on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

Video chatting will be available through the SpatialLabs video call widget in Q3, which enables more engaging, high-resolution 3D video conferencing on apps such as Teams (1080p), Zoom (720p), and Google Meet (1080p), with customizable depth features available to add more layers of realism during calls.
Cute eye camera design
Cute eye camera design

The camera also includes a downloaded gallery capability, allowing users to review their 3D portfolio and relive their immersive 3D shots.

Moving forward, there's no exact price and availability at the moment. Acer noted it will vary depending on region. Meanwhile, you may stay tuned at the Acer website.

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