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Top features of the TP-Link Archer BE230|BE3600 - Futureproof + fast WiFi 7 capable router!

WiFi 7 is here and one of the first to introduce one is TP-Link.
Top features of the TP-Link Archer BE230|BE3600 - Futureproof fast WiFi 7 capable router!
TP-Link Archer BE230|BE3600

Luckily, we were able to secure one of its latest called  Archer BE230 BE3600. 

To recap, TP-Link unveiled its WiFi 7 capable lineup in PH last April 28, 2024. One of them is the BE230|BE3600. This unique yet affordable router for its class offers a dual-band frequency boasting reliable internet speeds for its consumers priced at PHP 5,990.

To those who are interested, here's what makes it a promising home WiFi router.

Top features of the TP-Link BE230|BE3600!

1. Dual-Band WiFi 7 with 3570 Mbps max speed - This router comes with the latest generation of WiFi. Now TP-Link says this can reach nearly up to 3.6Gbps (3570Mbps) to provide its users a reliable and fast internet connection whether for home use or small office.
We reached almost 700Mbps on our home WiFi fiber plan
We reached almost 700 Mbps on our WiFi 7-compatible OnePlus 12!

Moreover, it has a dual-band frequency of 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Users can choose whether they want a farther range with optimal speeds of 2.4GHz or if they are near the router they can take advantage of the faster 5GHz frequency yet with a shorter range.

This will allow users to download, stream, or surf the internet uninterrupted with zero to minimal lags.
The 4x antennas for stronger farther range!
The 4x antennas for stronger farther range!

2. 4x external antennas - The router is capable of providing a longer range with its 4x antennas with Beamforming to handle more capacity and produce stronger, and dependable wireless connections and reduced interference.

Having boosted coverage in your home is essential particularly when you don't have extenders or Mesh system yet. TP-Links says that 4x high-performance antennas should guarantee users to have stronger signals on their devices. With the help of Beamforming technology this can detect devices and concentrate the signal towards it, particularly on harder areas to reach.
TP-Link WiFi 7 router vs old-gen WiFi 5 router
TP-Link WiFi 7 router vs old-gen WiFi 5 router

3. EasyMesh-Compatible - We were able to connect it with our existing mesh with ease. Additionally, TP-Link says this is also compatible with range extenders inside your house or office to prevent users from having a dead spot or low signals in their places. Moreover, TP-link noted it is compatible with all WiFi generations and devices thanks to its provided connector.
The back view showing ports
The back view shows ports

4. Multiple fast ports - The router comes with different ports at the back where users may connect their devices. It has 1x 2.5Gbps WAN port, 1x 2.5Gbps LAN port, and 3x 1Gbps LAN ports which deliver high-speed data transmissions.
Speed test when using WiFi 6 compatible device
Speed test when using WiFi 6 compatible device

5. TP-Link HomeShield - This feature is made to protect its users against all cyber threats with its network security, parental controls QoS, and comprehensive reports which provide users a complete information to understand the usage of their WiFi and each connected device. 

The said feature can protect all devices connected from unwanted online attacks as the router identifies all your devices and quickly monitors each security performance. It also has Web protection that can block all malicious websites to prevent dangerous links and personal information leaks. Meanwhile, parental controls enable parents to monitor its kid's internet usage, and set modified time limits and allowances. Users may even assign devices to profiles to have individual rules per user inside the family circle.
Steps in setting up the TP-Link Archer BE230|BE3600
Steps in setting up the TP-Link Archer BE230|BE3600 

6. Easy set up - The router is also friendly to beginners setting up their devices. All users need to do is plug the wires for both the main internet source and mesh then power up the TP-Link router. Then you must proceed to your mobile or PC open the web browser and enter http://tplinkwifi.net, create an admin password, select time zone based on your region, select auto-detect for connection type,  change your or retain your network name, select frequencies (2.4GHz/5GHz), and test connection.

Finally, you can also change the administrator password, and access your internet settings on the said TP-Link user interface via the web browser.

Our thoughts

A big leap in WiFi speed, stability, range, robust security measures, parental controls, and overall performance for a price of PHP 5,990.

Having the future-proof The TP-Link Archer BE230|BE3600 WiFi 7 router has provided a significant internet speed boost when used on a WiFi 7 capable device gaining almost 700 Mbps for download speed and 635 Mbps for upload speed with 6ms latency. 

When used on a lower gen WiFi 6 also known as the current standard we were able to get over 473 Mbps for download speed and 401Mbps for upload speed with 4ms ping. These speeds are faster with better range than our old WiFi router.

When connected with our Mesh routers, this ensures the whole home WiFi setup will have zero dead spots.

You may purchase this router on TP-Link's website as well as view more information.

What do you guys think?

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  1. I have the same router and a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. It is a WiFi 7 device but it can't pickup the WiFi 7 signal.

    On your OnePlus 12, any indicators for the WiFi 7 signal?


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