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ICYMI: All the exciting things GCash launched at FutureCast 2024

Here’s a wrap-up of what happened during this year’s GCash FutureCast 2024.
ICYMI: All the exciting things GCash launched at FutureCast 2024
GCash as Finance Super App

Revolutionizing fintech

GCash recently unveiled groundbreaking innovations at this year’s Futurecast event.

The real game-changer is how we can make a meaningful impact on Filipino lives, said Martha Sazon, president and CEO of GCash.

In the event, GCash introduced Online PaySafe, an added security feature when you add to a cart, for worry-free online transactions. With this feature, customers are directed to the GCash app during their payment process to complete their transactions using multi-factor authentication.

This enhances security by reducing open windows and tabs that expose user accounts to possible takeovers, payment scam links, and website spoofing.

GCash also enhanced its online assistant Gigi which is now powered by generative AI. This allows it to seamlessly handle common queries and escalate complex issues seamlessly. It can also conduct security checks, access past conversations, and connect users to live agents when needed.

To combat online fraudsters, GCash said it teamed up with Chubb to introduce Send Money Protect. For PHP 30, users can opt to insure their transactions of up to PHP 15,000 for 30 days.

GCash also introduced Dashboard 3.0 which features a new look with easy navigation that allows customers to access their favorite products at one glance.

There is also the enhanced GCat & Friends that helps users better manage their funds. New characters were introduced, Corey G, and GRaf.

Money Manager is a real-time spend tracker that visualizes spending on the app to help customers spend and save wisely.

GCash also revealed new AI-powered innovations, starting with GScore AI, a customer trust score powered by AI that helps users borrow better.

Hyper-Personalized Ads powered by AI is GCash’s ad-serving platform that learns users’ shopping preferences and matches them with personalized offers from GCash partners and merchants.

GCash also has GCoach AI which uses generative AI to educate users on how to effectively spend, save, and grow their money with confidence.

GCash also unveiled green innovations, such as GImpact, which allows users to see how every transaction they have in the app leads to carbon reduction, and GFarm, which helps Filipino farmers one tree at a time by supplying them with fruit tree seedlings.
Gigi power by AI
Gigi power by AI

The company also introduced GCash jr. with Parental Controls and GSave jr. This allows kids between the ages of 7 to 17 to have their first e-wallet and get their first debit card with GCash jr. Visa Cards.

For travelers, GTravel allows users to book and pay for flights and hotels in one app. Coupled with GInsure, they can apply for travel insurance powered by Standard and Malayan with coverage of up to PHP 2.5 million; OONA Insurance allows travelers instant lounge access for flight delays by an hour.
Online PaySafe
Online PaySafe

Soon, travelers to European destinations-- Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and more, can also digitize and claim travel tax refunds with GCash.

There is also GCash Tourist that allows foreigners visiting the Philippines to pay like locals, giving them 30-day access to GCash features like Scan to Pay and Send Money.

The company also enhanced borrowing funds through the app. Borrow on the Spot is powered by Fuse, GCash’s lending arm. This allows users to borrow with just one tap of a button, instantly request to reassess their creditworthiness, and get a higher credit limit via GGives.

GCash also launched two innovations: Tap To Pay, powered by NFC (Near Field Communication), allows commuters to simply tap their phone on the fast lane turnstile to make a payment.

Meanwhile, Watch Pay, in partnership with Huawei, is the first payment method via smartwatches in the country.

The GCash app is available on the Huawei App Gallery, Google Play Store, and the App Store.

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