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How To Update Honor 6 Plus To Lollipop? Check The New Features!

The Honor 6 Plus is arguably one of the most popular Honor / Huawei device in the world today that packs some really good camera. Recently, Huawei finally launched the much awaited and highly anticipated Lollipop 5.1 update for it's ageing OS. I'll teach here how to get it and show you some of the new features.
How To Update Honor 6 Plus To Lollipop? Check The New Features!
How to update Honor 6 Plus to Android 5.1 Lollipop?

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Unfortunately, this major update from Huawei didn't arrive via OTA. Fortunately, it's still very easy to do it even via manual update.

How to update?

Step 1: Click Here!
Step 2: Scroll down to the downloads part and select software upgrade for Honor 6 Plus
Step 3: Wait for the download to finish (1.34 GB of file)
Step 4:After downloading the file, create a folder named "dload" in your internal storage directory
Step 5: Go back to your "upgrade software" file and hold "upgrade software" file and make sure to extract it to the "dload" folder you created in the internal storage.
Step 6: After extracting the file, go inside the extracted folder and cut the "UPDATE.APP" file back to the top of the "dload" folder
Step 7:Go to the EMUI updater, press "Menu" and select "Local Update"
Step 8: Press the update file and that's it (Usually takes 15 mins before completing the upgrade after several restarts)

What are the changes?

Lollipop UI of Honor 6 Plus
A fresh look to your UI!
Notification menu changes
A less cramped shortcuts and notification drop down
(I like the older version though as you won't need to scroll down to see all the options)
More options
Here's the much improved Phone Manager with: Phone accelerator, Storage cleaner, Harassment filter
Camera new interface
A new camera interface!
You can now select filters easily and it now has a time lapse feature
Wide Aperture mode
The wide aperture feature also changed and a bit harder to use now as you can't easily adjust the aperture size when you tap to focus on a subject.
You'll need to press the small wide aperture icon to adjust it again
3D view
There's a new 3D view in the gallery if you take photos via wide aperture mode.
Just tilt your phone and you'll feel the 3D effect of the photo, cool right? :)

These are not my final claims yet, but I'm loving the new experience I have with the Honor 6 Plus. The already good battery life appears to be better, the performance is buttery smooth and I like the default interface better now.

The new Phone Manager is also amazing at it can really do wonders to the performance of your phone by monitoring your usage, completely cleaning you cache and now has a lot of new features.

The camera also improved, according to my buddy, Irwin of swirlingovercoffee, the Honor 6 Plus now has better white balance. In my observation it can now take sharper photos, has a noticeably faster shutter speed and better focus. The selfie improved in lowlight too!

Some sample shots after the update...

Sample photos Honor 6 Plus Lollipop
Slightly against the light shot at Greenbelt
Night shot
While walking the streets of Ayala at night, wide aperture mode
Selfie with the legendary National Artist BenCab in yellowish light condition


1: I'll capture as many photos I can after the improvement and create a new post with sample photos for you guys to see the improvements. I'll keep you guys posted.
2: There are some complaints of buggyness and lag after the update so make sure to clean your cache and scan the performance of your phone. If the problem still persist you may reset your device.
3: I'll report the bugs that I'll see here in the coming days

What do we think so far?

There's still room for improvement, but it's a pleasing experience. It feels like we got a new phone and I'm loving the new features that's stated above. There just some few things that I missed from that previous version, but it's no big deal at all. Now let's all hope that this phone will also get a chance to taste the sweetness of Android Marshmallow in it's next major update.

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Paging the great guys from Huawei and Honor, please make it happen.
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