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Yu Yutopia By Micromax Aims To Be The Most Powerful Phone In The World!

Yu the subsidary brand by Micromax India is up to something unique, big and ambitious. They just announced that they'll release the "most powerful phone in the world" called the Yu Yutopia next month!
Yu Yutopia
Yu Yutopia

However, achieving that feat might be a hard task even if you're on Cyanogen Mod OS. Based on the latest rumors posted by BGR, the Yu Yutopia will feature a 1080 p or 2K screen, the controversial Snapdragon 810 octa core processor, 21 MP rear camera, 8 MP selfie camera and 32 GB internal storage. The rest of the specs and details is still unknown as of the moment.

An extremely hard task to do for now?

Unfortunately, I do not see it beating the likes of Acer Predator 6, One Plus 2, Galaxy Note 5, Xperia Z3 and Meizu Pro 5 unless those rumors were incorrect and they were really able to come up with something better and priced a lot cheaper.

Let's all find that out next month and I sincerely hope it's true.

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