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Intel Kicks Off 2016 With A Wave Of New Devices And Innovative Features

Intel Philippines just kicked off 2016 with a blast. The giant chipmaker has announced a new line of innovative devices and technologies that will bring the consumer experience in the Philippines to new heights.
Intel Philippines
Intel Philippines

The company has showcased its 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processor that delivers flawless performance to a wave of devices. Intel's Curie™ module also made its way into the crowd as it provides real-time sensor data that offers new, breathtaking experiences to consumers. 
"Technology adoption within the local community is rising, with over 46% of the population now connected online. At Intel, we are proud to be at the heart of this increasingly connected society as we help create new possibilities and innovations to empower Filipinos in realizing their potential and capabilities through our technology," said Calum Chisholm, Country Manager, Intel Philippines.

Intel's Sixth Generation Processors Deliver Best-in-Class Performance 

Here's the monstrous Asus GX700

As technology adoption grows more rampant than ever before, there arises the need and demand for devices that can deliver better performance and high efficiency. In order to meet the dynamic need of the consumers, Intel is bullish in the idea to bring a more amazing experiences for the people. 
Demonstration of Intel 6th gen against old PCs
Demonstration of Intel 6th gen against old PCs

This is what the Sixth Generation Intel Core processors want to deliver on – enhanced performance along with new and immersive experiences that's efficient to the core. The new developments feature a new quad-core Intel® Core™ i5 processor that can provide up to 60 percent improved mobile multitasking that's fit for the traveler you. 

Codenamed Skylake, the new generation of Intel processors also enable new experiences for the user through its innovative features. New devices can now take advantage of WiGig™ and Intel® WiDi™ features to free users from wires. There's even Intel RealSense™ Technology and Windows Hello that give you unique interactions with your computers. 

Brand New Form Factors Powered by Intel 

This is a PC, a very small yet capable PC
This is a PC, a very small yet capable PC

Now that the world is seeing a multitude of innovations powered with new technologies, there are now devices that carry specific feature sets to cater to a variety of users. The flexibility of the Sixth Generation Intel Core Processors can power Hybrids, AIOs, and the company's homegrown Computestick, all of which are devices that come in different form factors, but can still deliver a unique personal computing experience to users. 
“As technology evolves and becomes more accessible, consumers will continue to discover new ways to utilize more of it. The 6th Generation Intel Core Processors have the power and performance to keep pace with the growing needs of our users and deliver an amazing computing experience,” added Chisholm.  

The Internet of Things (IoT) is Taking Shape 

A new wave of devices now take advantage of the "Internet of Things," making it now possible for these "things" to offer insights to different activities. Hence, us users will now be able to reap and maximize its benefits. 

This is where Intel's Curie module comes in. It's a small chip from Intel that is designed to be used in wearables to allow real-time data monitoring through its built-in sensors.  
“The Internet of Things is one of the main drivers of innovation today. With almost 50 billion devices connected to the Internet, IoT presents another opportunity to enhance daily life through technology. Intel is bringing this experience closer to consumers through technologies like Intel Curie, and the boundaries for the use of such innovative technologies is truly only limited by users’ imaginations,” noted Chisholm.  

Intel Powers the Education Sector 

With the Internet of Things available for everyone, even private institutions and those in the education sector can take full advantage of the new technology as they create new things with it. 
An array of Intel powered tablets
An array of Intel powered tablets

The company's collaboration with various 'maker Labs,' organizations such as the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators and academia from the University of the Philippines were provided with a total of 400 Intel® Galileo development boards for students and individuals who want to take a try in making their innovations powered by the Intel chip. 
“Our work with private institutions and the academia demonstrates the results of what technology can do for education. A great example of this is our work in rebuilding and providing digital devices to Sto. Niño Elementary School, where we were able incorporate technology into the students’ education,” said Chisholm.
“These efforts integrate our innovations deeply into education efforts locally, and enable us to contribute to the Filipino community – by ensuring that students and individuals are given a strong chance to realize their full potential through the power of technology,” he concluded.
So far that's it, I'm sure there is more to come from Intel and we'll definitely keep an eye on your development to uplift the life of everyone.
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