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Satchmi Launches Latest Line Of Audio Centric Products, Includes Opus #1 DAP Voxoa Speakers And Turntables

Yesterday, Satchmi, popularly known as premier distributor of Vinyls introduced in an event their latest expansion that showcases their latest line of high end audio products with great affordability. Those items includes Voxoa turntables, Bluetooth monitor speakers and the highly regarded Opus #1 HiFi music player.
Satchmi Launches Latest Line Of Audio Centric Products
Ms. Miles Malferrari introducing the latest audio line of Satchmi 

Note: Special thanks to Mr. Raffy of Techpatrl.com for providing me photos.

First is South Korea's Opus #1 DAP, a true HiFi music player specifically targeted for audiophiles who wanted the very best sound possible on a budget. It comes with a dual CS4398 2EA chip by Cirrus Logic which is normally used by other expensive music players up to 3x the price of Opus #1. It can play most lossless formats such as FLAC, WAV, ALAC, DSD and etc. and has a DAC support as well.
Meet Opus #1 DAP
Meet Opus #1 DAP

The Opus #1 is equipped with dual micro SD card slot expandable to 400 GB (2x 200 GB), 2.5 mm balanced out, 3.5 mm, 1.4 GHz quad core processor, 1 GB RAM, large 4,000 mAh of battery and runs on a modified for music version of Android with great user interface.

As a result, it beats most of its competition in terms of audio resolution, clarity, separation and speed across the spectrum. Aside from that among all the HiFi DAPs I've personally experienced, this has the widest soundstage among them that gives you real life like 3D effect.

You can get the Opus #1 for 29,999 Pesos only.

Next is the Voxoa T30 and T50, turntables that are designed to elevate your game to the next level.
A Voxoa turntable
A Voxoa turntable

The Voxoa T30 is sleek looking entry level automatic turn table with plug and play design. It goes with a fully automatic operation keeps LP scratch free, 2 speed belt driven turntable with 33 rpm and 45 rpm, built-in switchable stereo PHONO / LINE level pre-amplifier and has compatibility with Audacity freeware.

This is perfect for those who wanted to get the most basic turntable setup at home or office without sacrificing too much in sound. The Voxoa T30 is priced at just 11,999 Pesos.

The Voxoa T50 on the other hand is the the next step in fidelity coming from the T30. It features midrange grade performance with belt drive and full auto operation, adjustable counter weight and straight tone arm, replaceable cartridge, built in RIAA amplifier, has a PHONO / LINE switch and USB HiFi output.

This turntable also boast a high quality glossy piano paint and high precision aluminum platter with rubber mat that adds more elegance to its overall aesthetics. It retails at 18,499 Pesos only.

On the speakers part Satchmi also introduced the Voxoa K30 and Voxoa K50, two rare monitor grade speakers for less with top notch build and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Voxoa K30 comes in a two way reference monitors that can be connected with your turntables, but can also play music through Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphones and other players.

It features a 2 way active studio with ported tuned enclosure, woven carbon fibre, butyl surround woofers, Frequency response of 22 Hz to 40 KHz, active electronics, power amplifier with 100W and stereo RCA or 3.5 mm input interface.

As a result, the K30 is a very well rounded speakers that sounds amazing for its retail price. It's a little bassier than the K50, but still not overpowering. The separation and details are on point to give you that studio like sound you'll definitely love. This one sells at 11,999 Pesos only.

The Voxoa K50 on the other hand is the higher end reference monitors that can work even as a solo speaker. 

It features a self powered 2 way near field reference monitors, woven carbon fiber cones, carefully designed crossovers, Frequency response of 70 Hz to 20 KHz, tuned vent port constructed from Medium Density Fiberboard and has RCA input connections.

It comes balanced sounding drivers with outstanding micro details designed for the lovers of analytical tunes, boast fantastic highs and non overpowering bass response as well. You can get the solo speaker for 8,499 and the pair for 14,999 Pesos only.

Both Voxoa and Opus will be exclusively distributed by Satchmi as a part of their current curatorship program to bring the very best brands with great performance and affordability here.

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