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Sony Philippines Launched Latest Line Of BRAVIA 4K HDR And FHD TVs! Partners With Heima!

Yesterday, Sony Philippines launched their latest line of BRAVIA 4K HDR and FHD TVs to fit our homes and offices. It aims to provide a more realistic and immersive imaging with its new BRAVIA 4K HDR tech by giving better details, brightness / contrast range and unique backlighting tech.
Sony Philippines Launched Latest Line Of BRAVIA 4K HDR And FHD TVs!
Best in class TV to fit your pad

The necessity of advancing to this type of technology is due to the increasing 4K HDR video demand that will be the new standard in the near future. It greatly expands the range of possible visual expression by producing higher brightness, higher contrast and more vibrant colors. 
At the actual launch of new Sony BRAVIA TVs
At the actual launch of new Sony BRAVIA TVs

First, the Sony BRAVIA X9300D series is their best TVs right now ergonomically designed to fit your place. It offers 4K resolution to the next level by featuring Sony's new Slim Backlight Drive technology and 4K X1 processor  to boost color range / accuracy of 

It provides you with the best 4K HDR contents, uses the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology to provide boosted peak brightness / contrast levels and deeper blacks.
“We at Sony are taking the next big step by providing a viewing experience that goes beyond just the screen. We’re pursuing more realistic and immersive visuals by merging our superb 4K picture clarity technology with HDR. We continue to make an impact on our customers by creating products that truly matter; and with the latest range of 4K HDR TVs operated by the Android OS, we provide a more captivating visual experience for them,” said Nobuyoshi Otake, President and Managing Director, Sony Philippines. 
Sony Philippines also partnered with lifestyle store Heima to specifically design the showrooms with the new BRAVIA series to match every lifestyle for every individual.
Each showroom curated by Heima portrayed living spaces for different personalities, while highlighting the design flexibility of the Sony TVs. “Partnering with Sony Philippines gave us the opportunity to showcase a range of lifestyle designs a home can have, demonstrating how each BRAVIA TV not only complements the home’s interiors but also reflects the owner’s personality. It was easy to incorporate the BRAVIA TVs in each design given its slim frame and cable management feature that made styling the home interiors a breeze,” said Bong Rojales, Co-Owner and Marketing Director, Heima. 

Runs on Android to make everything easier

This new lineup of BRAVIA TVs run ont he latest version of Android TV operating system that provides a better usability and user experience. It allows live TV broadcasting and internet video services, voice search and enhanced content navigation.

This utilizes Google Cast, a technology that allows users to control and play photos, movies, games and music right thru their favorite Android or even iOS devices.

The 4K HDR TV series ranges in screen size from 55” to 75” class, while the new HD TVs will come in multiple screen size options from 32” to 55” class.

New BRAVIA Full HD Lineup

Aside from the 4K HDR series, Sony also expanded their Full HD TV lineup. It comes with an improved picture quality and slim / elegant design with great cable management. It has the X-Reality PRO that provide stunning details for any content, even when you are viewing TV broadcastings, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Internet video services and digital photos. Every single pixel is up-scaled beautifully by Sony’s exclusive picture processing technology, reproducing vibrant colors.

The W65D and W60D series incorporates a Clear Phase audio technology that analyzes and compensates for inaccuracies in the built-in loud speaker’s response. This results in a smooth and even reproduction of all frequencies, giving the customer a pure and natural audio experience.

Additionally, the W65D and W60D series has the ability to connect to a wide range of Internet video services such as Youtube and Netflix  using its built-in Wi-Fi®. Photo Sharing Plus makes it possible for up to 10 users to share photos and music from their smartphone or tablet wirelessly on the big screen. 

The new BRAVIA Full HD lineup also feature X-Protection PRO that enhances the Sony TV’s durability with protection features to guard against dust, lightning, surge and humidity.

That's it, the complete lineup of the all new 4K HDR TVs will be available in the Philippines this coming April 2016 while the Full HD model TVs will retail starting May 2016.

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