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LG MUSICflow P5 Special Review - Good Style And Sound Combined!

LG's MUSICflow P5 Special is one of the few Bluetooth powered speaker that caught our attention lately. Why? It looks sleek and great with the promise of "HiFi" sound on a compact size.
Hello to LG MUSICflow P5 Special 

Recently, we were able to borrow one from LG Philippines to check what is it all about and if it is worth all you bucks. Let's start.

Disclaimer: This unit was provided by LG Philippines for an honest review

LG MUSICflow P5 Special Specs

Drivers: 2.0 CH, Built-in Subwoofer (single passive radiator)
Battery: 2,100 mAh (up to 15 hours)
Certification: IP65 (Waterproof, shockproof)
Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5 mm
Dimensions: 153 x 58 x 59.5 mm
Weight: 500 g
Price: 5,490 Pesos

Unboxing / Accessories

The box of P5 Special
The box of P5 Special

The P5 Special is inside the small white box with nice print of the speaker, its case, and the iF design award it got last 2015.
Important accessories inside
Important accessories inside

Inside the package is standard where you'll get a speaker itself and a white long micro USB charging cable. What makes it special is the protective case included that's highly stylish especially for the ladies.

However, there's no inclusion of a wall charger and a 3.5 to 3.5 mm male audio jack for aux connection.

Build Quality / Design

Effective rubber stopper below against slips
Effective rubber stopper below against slips

The main highlight of this speaker is its build and design. It features a well refined wood like frame with metallic buttons. There's also a nice in the eyes type of speaker grills on each side and a high quality rubber stopper below with MUSICflow print.
The construction is solid and beautiful as a whole.
However, I still won't suggest dropping and wetting it as it doesn't have resistances against those forces.
3.5 mm jack, micro USB charging port, and LED charging indicator at right
3.5 mm jack, micro USB charging port, and LED charging indicator at right

Design-wise, I'm a huge fan of wood finishes that's why I think that this is one of the best looking portable speaker out there. It also doesn't have any sharp edges and simply feels great overall. The MUSICflow signature on top and below the speaker also adds flare and will make it feel like a specially crafted device.


Using this speaker is simple, easy, and convenient. All you need to do is press and hold the power button on top, then pair your Bluetooth music player (PC, smartphone, and etc.), and enjoy listening to music. It also comes with volume up / down, pause / play (press 1x), next (press 2x), and back (press 3x) controls.
LG MUSICflow app
LG MUSICflow app

Then the MUSICflow P5 Special can also connect up to 3 devices simultaneously, pair and play your favorite tunes, and control via LG MUSICflow app. You can also sync two P5 Bluetooth speaker to have louder tunes and that 2.1 surround sound feel.

The LG MUSICflow app is also smart. It acts as a music player with auto play music feature, battery saver, gesture controls (shake the device to disconnect), and multi play mode. 

Note: There's also an option that you can pair the P5 Special to your LG TV, but unfortunately, we weren't able to try that one out.

Lastly, this speaker is packed with the best Bluetooth connection we tested on a portable speaker yet. It is very stable as I can move around our 30 square meter room without losing connection and getting noise.

Battery Life

This speaker comes with a 2,100 mAh of juice that's touted to last up to 15 hours of normal straight usage. In our test, it was able to loop tunes in mid volume for 12.5 hours only. Fortunately, we weren't really expecting this to reach the 15 hour mark. Plus, that is still a lot of playback time for a Bluetooth speaker.

In real life usage, I only charge the device twice a week. Charging time is a little under 3 hours from 0 to 100%.

Sound Quality

Dubbed as a "HiFi" speaker, we have high-hopes with the sound quality of this device. Fortunately, LG was able to back most of those claims. While it is not yet on true "HiFi" level yet, the sound coming from this Bluetooth powered speaker ranks among the better ones I heard for the price.
The LG MUSICflow P5 Special has a clean, enjoyable, and powerful sound for a compact Bluetooth powered speaker.
It has clear and clean sound signature with proper emphasis on lows and upper-mids. The lows isn't overly bassy with average tightness and speed. The sub-bass can deliver and give that crawling like effect, though it won't be like other badly bass boosted sets that can go deep.

The mids also sounds clean, detailed, and decent. It can produce sweet, luscious, and enjoyable vocals as a whole. In particular, I enjoyed playing vocal centric tracks here from female audiophile grade songs. Highs is also good, has little distortion, doesn't have annoying peaks, and has less hiss. Just don't expect it to be sparkly great or well extended and you'll be fine.

Overall details and separation are also impressive for a compact Bluetooth powered speaker as there are few who can deliver this type of quality. Soundstage also has a forward feel. It isn't the widest around, but more than acceptable in terms of range.

If my memory serves me right, I enjoyed this one better than most of the "bass heavy sets" from competing brands on the same price range. This has better clarity and sounds more natural / balanced to my ears.

As long as you're not maxing the volume out, distortion won't be noticeable. Preferred loudness level is around the 60-80% mark for the best sound possible.

Pros - Fantastic design and build, decent sound across the spectrum, consumer friendly quality, long battery life, strong Bluetooth connection
Cons - Not water and dust resistant, distortion on max volume is noticeable


We enjoyed using this speaker. Aside from its great looks, it can deliver a powerful and clean sound that's great for your personal room or living room for music listening or watching movies.

As a compact speaker, it is also the portable type that can be easily placed in your bag without adding much heft. With its adequate loudness, it'll be suitable for your outdoor listening with friends.

For the price of 5,490 Pesos, this is one of the better buys coming from a well respected brand like LG.

GIZ Rating: 4.25/5 Stars
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