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CloudFone Next Vs Cherry Mobile M1 - Main Camera Photography Comparison!

CloudFone's Next and Cherry Mobile's M1 are two affordable local flagship phones that packs a lot of punch in terms of performance and value for money. Both are also loaded with never before seen camera sensors in the sub PHP 12K price range.
CloudFone Next Vs Cherry Mobile M1 - Camera Comparison!
Who will win?

It's a reason why most of our readers are asking if who among them has the better overall camera performance for photography. So let's start this comparison.

CloudFone Next vs Cherry Mobile M1 - Main Camera Photography Comparison!

Specs CloudFone Next Cherry Mobile M1
Back Camera: 16 MP f/2.0 Samsung S5K3P3 ISOCELL sensor w/ PDAF and LED flash 21 MP f/2.0 IMX230 w/ PDAF, BSI, 4K video recording and LED flash
On paper, numbers are suggesting that the 16 MP main camera of CloudFone's Next is inferior against the whopping 21 MP main camera of the Cherry Mobile M1. Both carries the same f/2.0 aperture that should be decent even in lowlight.

Disclaimer: All images are taken in either HDR or auto mode only and are described based on our subjective opinion and experience.

Scene 1 - Outdoor HDR

Next HDR
Next HDR

In this lighting condition, both phones badly performed in using the HDR mode. While the colors of Next has more saturation and looks better, Cherry's M1 retained more details and has less overexposure. M1 - 1 point

Scene 2 - Outdoor Auto
Next Daylight
Next Daylight
M1 Daylight
M1 Daylight

On this daylight scene, the Next has a slightly greener tone but closer to natural feel with barely blowout background details. On the other hand, the M1 has more details, but has a more un-natural pinkish discolorization and more blown-out background details. So the Next barely takes this round. Next - 1 point

Scene 3 - Daylight portrait
Next Cat
Next Cat
M1 Cat

On this 3rd scene, we took a photo of a random cat. Again the colors of the Next has nicer appeal in the eyes (saturated) and has shallower depth of field, but the M1 handled this situation better. It retained more details with proper background exposure. M1 - 2 points

Scene 4 - Indoor dim light 
Next - indoor food
Next Indoor food
M1 - indoor food
M1 Indoor food

In lowlight indoor situation, the Next is over saturated, but retained most of the details. On the other hand, the I had a hard time focusing using the M1 and it resulted into pinkish photo with over exposure. Next - 2 points

Scene 5 - Night
Next night
Next Night
M1 Night
M1 Night

The clear winner in this situation is the photo taken using Next. It is brighter, sharper, and has better color accuracy. The M1 was able to produce more light in the background, but it is noiser and it turned colors into green. Next - 3 points


To sum it up, both local flagship phones are really capable shooters for photography. There are times that the M1 edges the Next in daylight, but in our test Next performed better in lowlight and has nicer colors in the eyes. The results were close, but Next is the winner by a point in our test.
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