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Transportify Is Now In The Philippines, Aims To Lower Logistics Cost!

Transportify, the startup logistics provider is now in the Philippines. It aims to give business and even regular individual customers a more affordable and much efficient alternative for their on-demand logistics needs. It'll ultimately lessen the time together with the value amount of resources spent on capital and operational expenditures.
Transportify Is Now In The Philippines, Aims To Lower Logistics Cost!
Transportify in PH!

Also known as Deliveree in Thailand and Indonesia, Transportify was first launched in PH last July. Today, it now has 45 people manning the Manila office and has more than 2,000 registered accounts in few weeks.
COD ready!
COD ready!

With barely three months of operations in the Philippines, Transportify already has a pool of more than 900 driver-partners and growing in Metro Manila. It'll continue to expand its fleet overtime which now includes Sedans, Hatchbacks, MPVs for Economy, MPVs for Economy and L300s. In that expansion, the company is planning to get more vehicle options such as motorcycles, pickup trucks, and closed vans.
“Through Transportify, we hope to address a pain point that the Philippines share with Indonesia and Thailand — high logistics costs. From our studies, we found out that logistics account for about 18 percent of operating costs of companies here. With Transportify, we hope to provide a more cost-effective alternative to businesses,” said Tom Kim, International CEO of Deliveree.
Transportify's main objective is to help SMEs lower their operational cost in logistics. The value proposition of Transportify is making the customers only pay for the distance covered by the delivery and few extra services.

The rates

The current rates
The current rates

For Economy, the rate starts at PHP 250 for the first 3 kilometers and only PHP 20 for every kilometer. Meanwhile, L300s rate starts at PHP 600 for the first 3 kms and PHP 30 for every km thereafter. Plus, this is the only app that offers Extra Services such as Special Help by Driver and Extra Helpers.
“About 99 percent of businesses in the Philippines are SMEs and this is where Transportify’s value comes in.  SMEs have very low margins, and by helping lower the logistics costs, we help these small businesses thrive in a very competitive environment,” added Kim.
It can also let you book a driver for the same day requirements unlike other couriers using its mobile and web applications with live precise tracking.

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Note: The company, just like other transportation apps present in the market today does not own vehicles or physical assets, but an app that connects customers to drivers which charges drivers a commission of 15% only.
“Since we don’t have to spend for maintenance of these vehicles and salaries of the drivers, we have relatively lower overhead costs. This allows us to provide our customers a service that is cost-efficient and competitive compared to what is already available in the market,” said Kim. 
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Transportify's can be downloaded via Google Play Store or Apple Appstore now. To visit their website and know more, check out www.transportify.com.ph as well.
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