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BenQ ZOWIE Unleashes The EC Series Special Edition!

If you’re looking for a mouse that scores classy and performance in one sweet package, then you’re in luck! BenQ ZOWIE, a household name in gaming monitors and peripherals, has just announced special edition versions of its EC series gaming mice. It’s clad in beautiful, shiny glossy white that can give your white-themed rig a boost in aesthetics.
BenQ ZOWIE Unleashes The EC Series Special Edition!
The EC Series Special Edition!

The two mice in question are the ZOWIE EC1-A and EC2-A, both of which being glossy white editions of its original counterparts. They are designed for gamers looking for that grip and feel that glossy surface delivers, and its color of choice hides sweat and fingerprint marks pretty nicely, since sweat tends to gather on your fingerprints whenever you play for extensive hours.
Will be available soon!
Will be available soon!

Both the EC1-A White and EC2-A White will be available in the Philippines. BenQ ZOWIE says to stay tuned for the price on its social media page, but to give you a rough estimate, both the EC1-A and the EC2-A special editions will retail for around PHP 3,000 to PHP 3,500. Other than that, you can also check on your favorite gaming stores like DataBlitz to see how much it’s going to cost you.
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