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Promate Released New Power Solutions And Tips For Summer

Promate Technologies, one of the leaders in electronic devices and enhancements has announced the company's lineup for power solutions this summer season. Those devices are designed to keep your gadgets charged up and ready for any out of town adventure.
Promate Released New Power Solutions And Tips For Summer
Promate Philippines

Who doesn't love using their gadgets? In this day and age, not having a smartphone is almost like having a handicap for a working professional. Still, no matter how expensive or high tech your gadget is, it is still powered by a battery that needs to be recharged eventually, otherwise it would be of no better use than a very pricey paperweight. That is why power banks have become almost inseparable from our gadgets, says Dimple Condes, Country Manager of Promate Technologies. And while you can find a power bank just about anywhere these days, it is important to know how to choose the right one for you so as not to put your precious gadget at risk, she added.

Here are some quick tips on how to choose the best portable power supply/power bank for your needs:

The Tag-9
The Tag-9

1. Know the battery size and charging specification of your gadgets. It is usually printed in the box and you'll need it to determine whether it has enough power for your device and check if it is compatible with that gadget. If you are the heavy user type, get the biggest mAh powerbank available.
There are pink power banks too!

Promate has power banks of different capacities such as the Tag-6 with 6000 mAh; Tag-9 with 9000 mAh;  Zenith-10 and Polymax-10 both with 10000 mAh; Tag-15 with 15000 mAh; and the Promate ProVolta-21 with 20800 mAh.

2. For tablets and smartphones, the Promate VolTag-10 is a safe choice given that it has 10000 mAh of lithium polymer battery capacity. It even has an automatic Voltage Regulation feature provides optimum output based on the device connected.

If you need something bigger, then take a look at Promate ProVolta-21. This machine has a huge 208000 mAh of capacity and can charge up to 3 devices all at the same time w/ a max 3.1A output. It even has a fire proof ABS body.

Those looking for a higher capacity power bank should be contented with the . This 20800 mAh power bank can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously and has a max 3.1A output and a fire proof ABS body.

In-case you are planning an outdoor trip, then the 
Promate Mighty is indoor/outdoor Heavy-Duty Emergency Power Station is the perfect beastly power station for you. It has a HUGE 60000 mAh of battery w/ 200w inverter at 230v AC. It can even run appliances like TVs and laptops. For smartphones it can charger some of them for up to 20 full charges!

3. Some needs multiple charging all at the same time to save time and do more. The ProVolta-21 could be it. Why? It has several USB Ports with LED Flash so you can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. Aside from that, the Promate PolyMAX-Uni even includes replaceable Micro-USB and Type-C cables for Android gadgets as well as a Lighting Connector for your Apple device.

4. Power solutions like these aren't cheap, so better consider them as an investment. Get devices with good durability and quality. Promate promises that all their power banks have automatic voltage regulation designed to protect your device from getting overcharged.

Promate Power Solutions are available from authorized sellers such as Silicon Valley, Lazada, National Bookstore, Abacus, Electroworld & Abenson w/ full 1 year replacement warranty for your peace of mind.
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