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AOC AGON AG27QX Gaming Monitor Review - 27 Inch Eye Opener?

Gaming has taken the world by storm. Nobody expected it to be as big as it is right now with increasing interest and with increasing number of gamers going professional. This resulted in the need for the bleeding edge performance to aid every gamer to victory is now vital as seen in split second game winning moments that could only be decided when the machine performs reliably so that all the gamer has to do is deliver the game winning shot with out being held back by the machine he or she is using.
AOC AGON AG27QX review
AOC AGON AG27QX review

As such, companies have been releasing their own competitive products to get in on the market share. AOC, one of the leaders in the monitor manufacturing released their AGON gaming line in recent years and the AG27QX is one of their most recent model.


Visible Screen Size: 596.74 x 335.66
Screen Format: 16:9
Brightness: 350 cd / m2 (type)
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 50 Million:1
Viewing Angle: 170/160
Response time: 1 ms
Scanning Frequency: H=30~160 KHz (DP)/ 30~83KHz (other), V=30~146 Hz (DP)/ 50~76Hz (other)
Resolution 2560x1440@144 Hz
Colors 16.7 Million
HDCP compatible 
Signal Input Analogue Input: D-Sub 
Digital Input: DVI / HDMI 
Composite CVBS Input 
S-Video Input 
Display Port Input 
Power Power Source 100 - 240V 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption External
On: 47 W
Standby: 0.5 W
Off: 0.5 W
Other Features: 144 Hz, TN Panel, Low-blue light, Adaptive-Sync, Plug and play, Kensington Lock, i-Menu, e-Saver, Vesa Wall-mount 100x100, Flicker Free and Speakers 3W
Price: PHP 32,700

Disclaimer: It just so happened that AOC sent us this for an honest review.

Unboxing / Accessories

The cables
The cables

The box is huge! Inside are the usual styrofoam boards that sandwich and protect the monitor and its accessories. You will find that the monitor, stand, mount, screws, cords and remote control need some minor assembly.

Once you've mounted the stand onto the monitor itself and plug all the wires, the monitor is ready to go! It is compatible with Plug and Play and will work most of the time with any PC you plug it in.

Build Quality / Design

Lots of ports!
Lots of ports!

From the get-go, you will notice that almost every part of this monitor from the shroud, the stem of the stand, the foot of the stand, the cables, the ports and the screws themselves are all made to be durable. Each part feels solid with a bit of weight to them that gives you that reassuring feel.
More ports!
More ports!

What surprised us is the placement of the USB ports at the lower right hand side and the middle right hand side, while the speakers are directly below the monitor. An added surprise is on top of the middle right hand side USB ports is headphone rest that swivels in and out of view.

The stand allows for the neck to swivel from left to right and the monitor itself to swivel up and down that adds versatility. The movement has just enough resistance so that it will stay still when you want it to and to move when you apply enough force. And boy, does it swivel smoothly!


Bright with good color gamut!
Bright with good color gamut!

Grayscale tracking and Gammas out of the box needed some minor tweaking to appease our eyes. Color gamut is decent with some little oversaturation from the blues. The Luminance menu is customizable to a considerable degree where we could adjust brightness, contrasts with presets to cater to gaming, reading and productivity.
Viewing angles are not perfect!
Viewing angles are not perfect!

In terms of viewing angles it is rated to 160 degrees which we agree with but it still loses the greens and blues, and a large amount of brightness at the if viewed at extreme angles. Otherwise it is uniform across the whole screen. 

Being a TN screen it is still the preferred monitor for gamers because of its unrelenting reliability to give the best refresh rates with almost no lag! This is the same for this monitor.

We have no complaints!

In fact, this high speed refresh rate coupled with the 27 inch size and the QHD resolution gave us an advantage at spotting enemies in games such as Overwatch and Rainbow Six: Siege. We saw an increase in our K/D ratio just because we can see the enemies faster! Amazing!

Pros - Large screen with high resolution coupled with 144 Hz makes this the ultimate monitor for fast paced games (example FPS), An array of easy access ports, headphone rest, sturdy build, smooth swivelling vertically and horizontally
Cons - Minor calibration out of the box, not the most color accurate screen


The AOC AGON AG27QX is an amazing monitor. It doesn't have the best out of factory calibration nor does it have a high refresh rate IPS monitor that has great viewing angles, but it is one of the best monitors out there with decent color gamut, with great swiveling features, decent speakers and a wide array of ports that will make any gamer happy! We love it and we love how it helps us get that  split second round winning advantage!

Build - 4.5
Performance - 4
Value - 4
Total 4.25 / 5
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