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Huawei Germany Teases Mate 10 Series With Leica Cameras

Huawei Germany just teased the public with the teaser video of "device worth waiting for" which is also known as the next generation Mate series phablet.
Huawei Germany Teases Mate 10 Series With Leica Cameras
Mate 10 series teaser

According to the teaser video, the upcoming Mate 10 series upgrade of the well-received Mate 9 series will be the come with the "ultimate camera" on a smartphone, a dual Leica branded shooter like the Mate 9.

Similar to the Mate 9, it looks like the Mate 10 series looks like to have a 12 MP color sensor and a 20 MP monochrome sensor. While it may look the same on paper, it is safe to assume that Huawei improved the quality of them just like what they did to Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. We also suspect that it have a Summilux Leica lens.

However, the exact details together with the specs are still unknown for now. According to rumors, it could have a 6 inch QHD "EntireView" display, Kirin 970 octa core processor, at least 6 GB RAM, big internal storage, and large battery capacity.

Huawei Germany also revealed that it will be a series. So, we can expect several Mate 10 models.

Sources: Huawei Germany
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