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IDC Revealed The Top 5 Global Smartphone Vendors For Q2 2017

According to the latest market research of IDC, Huawei nearly beats Apple for the second largest smartphone sales in the world last quarter number 2 this 2017.
IDC Revealed The Top 5 Global Smartphone Vendors For Q2 2017
The mighty Huawei P10 Plus

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Samsung is still at number 1 with 79.8 million handsets or 23.3 percent of the market share. That's almost double than Apple has 41 million units shipped or 12 percent. Huawei is closing in on Apple at the 3rd spot with 38.5 million units or 11.3 percent.

Huawei captured the third position once again thanks to strong sales in greater China as well as in many developed European markets. The Chinese giant witnessed 19.6% year-over-year growth and improved its market share by two full percentage points compared to the second quarter of last year. Huawei's mid-range and high-end models continue to prove successful along with the flagship P10, Mate 9, and the more affordable Honor series. Looking ahead, Huawei will still need to successfully penetrate the U.S. market at the carrier level if it wishes to surpass either Apple or Samsung at the top.

Xiaomi is back on track!
Xiaomi is back on track!

OPPO is still on the number 4 spot with 8.1% of the total market share. However its sister brand Vivo is out of the top 5 and was replaced by the comebacking Xiaomi with 6.2 percent.

Xiaomi moved back into the top 5 worldwide with year-over-year growth of 58.9%, edging slightly ahead of vivo. Xiaomi has been very aggressive in the India market, expanding its offline presence by launching its first Mi Home store and partnering with key large format retailers to increase its retail footprint. It has also doubled the number of service centers in the past six months as it continues with its strong below-the-line marketing activities. 

Top 5 Global Smartphone Vendors for Q2 2017

1. Samsung - 22.3%
2. Apple - 12%
3. Huawei - 11.3%
4. OPPO - 8.1%
5. Xiaomi - 6.2%
6. Others - 39.0%

Overall smartphone sales were lower than last year. But the top 5 smartphone vendors showed positive growth.

Other manufacturers are on decline.

Source: IDC
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