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Huawei Promises Fast Updates; Monthly Security Patches And Mate 9 Oreo Update

Huawei is aiming to provide security and Android updates as quickly as possible. They will start with the Mate 9 Oreo update scheduled to be released 4 weeks after the Mate 10 official launch.
Huawei is aiming to provide monthly security update to their flagships including the Mate 10 series
Huawei is aiming to provide monthly security update to their flagships including the Mate 10 series

Huawei's President of Consumer Businesse Software, Dr. Wang Chenglu, said that they are targeting monthly security updates for their latest flagship phones. They are positive that they can do it. In fact, they are already starting work with Android 9.0. We can expect these updates to happen with this year's releases such as the Huawei P10 series and also the Mate 10 series.

In addition to that, Dr. Wang also stated that the Mate 9 will receive their much awaited Android 8.0 Oreo update 4 weeks after the Mate 10 ships globally, This means that more or less that Mate 9 users will receive the update by the end of 2017. The Huawei P10 series will also receive it in the near future. 

Along with the improvements that Android 8.0 Oreo brings to the Mate 9 like a more streamlined performance and better battery performance, EMUI 8.0 will also receive significant improvements as well.

Dr. Wang also wants to emphasize that they are only targeting to provide monthly security updates which means that they do not promise anything. This is understandable since big projects like this has a lot of moving parts which makes it complicated to install a stable update schedule.

He also stated that moving forward with Android P they are also going to focus not only on new features and functions but also in AI systems. This seems to be the next big thing in smartphones as more manufacturers are installing some kind of AI one way or another.

This means that their future Kirin chipsets will be optimized for dealing with AI-using apps.

Source: Android Central
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