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Picooc S1 Pro Smart Body Analyzer Review - Your Companion In Monitoring Body Indexes

Health is Wealth. As Mahatma Ghandi said, "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver". So, how to be healthy then? First step, monitor our body indexes. Will this Picooc S1 Pro Smart Body Analyzer be our gadget? 
Picooc S1 Pro Smart Body Analyzer Review
Picooc S1 Pro review

Picooc is the first company that launches the smart fat scale in China. With their vision of Quality for Life, the S1 Pro provides an insight in monitoring 11 Body Indexes from weight to metabolic age.

The moment I stepped on this S1 Pro scale, it amazes me as it gives you the data that was transferred to my mobile phone via Bluetooth using the app.

Picooc S1 Pro Smart Body Analyzer Specs

Features: 11 body indexes to monitor your health, record weight, body fat and muscle trend, to track your health, health analysis to improve your health, weight goal setting to motivate users, multi-users for family use
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Others: 3x AAA battery needed
Dimensions: 330 x 254 x 20 mm
Price: PHP 2,999

Disclaimer: This Picooc S1 Pro is a seeded unit for this unbiased review.

Unboxing / Accessories

Nice build, good size

The Picooc S1 Pro  comes in a big box that contains lots of information about the product. Then aside from the smart analyzer itself, it comes with its own brand of AAA batteries (you can use other brands as well) and a simple user manual.

Build Quality / Design

Nice build, good size
Nice build, good size

The scale is built with ultra white tempered glass. It is sturdy and tough that cannot be broken with a drop of a normal items on it. It is not light though, the S1 Pro scale is heavier than the ordinary weighing scale.

The back is made with plastic polymer resins which gives the S1 Pro scale the durability. It has strong polymer-encapsulated footpad so you will be safe as it will not slide easily.

The rectangle design looks modern yet minimalist and functional. It also has good comfort for standing. It is also quite slim and portable.

Picooc in action w/ the app
Picooc in action w/ the app

You can monitor 11 body indexes via the Picooc app that can be downloaded through Apple Store and Google Play. Measurements will be captured via Bluetooth connection the moment you stand on the S1 Pro scale and hit the weigh button in the app.
The clean UI of its app

The app will give you measurement report that can be your guide to a healthier life.  It can give you ideas on your weight, body fat, muscle, visceral fat, BMI, BMR, body water, bone mass, protein, body fat as well as your body age. Through the app, you can monitor your measurement trend and so with analyzing the data you have.  You can also set and save your weight target and monitor its progress.

Pros - Elegant design, auto shut off, easy to navigate app, lots of useful features
Cons - Quite heavy, slow in calibration


Accurate or not, the S1Pro scale can give you ideas about how healthy you are. The gadget is designed to give you insight physiologically based on data monitoring.

Be patient in the beginning though as I have waited for almost 15 minutes to have it calibrated but as you go on you will be amazed with the calculated results.

It functions weird at first as the counter is calculating even if no one is standing on the scale. Scale is also a bit heavy.

Build - 4
Features - 4
Average - 4 / 5
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