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Video: Vivo V7+ Face Unlock Access Spoiled Me!

One of the headline features of the Vivo V7+ is the Face Unlock Access, and it spoiled us in our time with it! We almost never use the Fingerprint scanner now!
Video: Vivo V7+ Face Unlock Access Spoiled Me!
Vivo V7+ Face Unlock Access

Years ago when Apple introduced the TouchID or fingerprint scanning system, it has become the most convenient and somehow safe way of unlocking or accessing certain features of your mobile device. It was quick and accurate.

For Android, this bypassed the need for typing a pin or swiping a pattern which saved quite a bit of time and was convenient at the time. Soon after that, Android Introduced a Face Unlock feature that was amazing at the time but was easily fooled by placing a picture of the user as a replacement.

Over the years Android has quietly improved upon the feature. It is only now that face unlock feature has been prominently featured in anticipation for Apple's own interpretation.

The implementation in FuntouchOS is quick, accurate and seamless!

In fact all we have to do most of the time we just have to look at the phone and it unlocks. It saves so much energy and time to place your finger on the scanner. After a few weeks and we had to use a phone without the feature, we already miss the face unlock scanner. This increase in convenience has led us to use face unlock and never go back.

We recorded a video below to show you how reliable, quick and easy it is.

So guys, we highly recommend you visit the concept stores of the phones with face unlock and try it for yourself!
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