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Cloudfone's Next infinity Series Will Be Updated To Android O

Cloudfone is rocking the local smartphone market with impressive releases left and right. It seems like they are far from done as they drop more information about their Next Infinity Series.
Cloudfone will roll out Android 8.0 updates for these three
Cloudfone will roll out Android 8.0 updates for these three

The Next Infinity Series will feature four new smartphones namely the Cloudfone Next Infinity, the Next Infinity Pro, the Next Infinity Plus and the Next Infinity Quattro.

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What we know far is that all these phones will feature an 18:9 display that is up to date with current trend this 2017. The series will also be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC so performance will not be a problem.

They also revamped the camera app and it now as AWESOME as ever. However, the biggest news is that the first three of the four in the Next Infinity Series are going to get an Android 8.0 Oreo update via OTA. Yes, you read that right! 

This is great news since it is a sign that local brands are finally getting the grips in terms of rolling out Android updates to their users and Cloudfone is in the forefront for it. The Android Oreo update is going to be available for the Cloudfone Next Infinity as well as the Pro and Plus versions of it. Cloudfone said that they are working hard to get the update ready for the Quattro as well.

Android Oreo brings so much to the table for the Next Infinity Series. For starters, the notification panel got a face lift with new colors and layout. Android Oreo also brings in improvements in terms of background apps and battery optimization.

In terms of security, Android Oreo also has Google Play Protect against malwares. Start up time is also faster and the biggest change here is Google's Project Treble that makes making Android updates easier to make and roll out.

Kudos to Cloudfone for making this big step!
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