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Apple iPhone X scored 97 HUGE points at DxOMark

Equal w/ the overall score of Huawei Mate 10 / Mate 10 Pro! Apple's latest flagship, the iPhone X, scored 97 big points at DxOMark's latest mobile camera test!
Apple iPhone X score 97 HUGE points at DxOMark
Apple iPhone X score 97 HUGE points at DxOMark

In addition, it clocked a new RECORD high 101 points for photography to beat the 100 points recorded by both Mate 10 / Mate 10 Pro and Galaxy Note 8. For videos, the score is high at 89, but it isn't any better than the 91 of the Huawei phablet flagships.

Going back to photos, DxOMark praised the super detail preservation of the iPhone X even in lowlight. It can also shoot w/ good expose and dynamic range, has very fast autofocus, detailed zoom, and good bokeh simulation.

According to DxOMark

With all of the analyses completed, the scores calculated, and the results verified, the iPhone X turns in an excellent result, delivering outstanding images for smartphone photography enthusiasts. It’s exceptional for stills, achieving the best Photo sub-score yet at 101 points. The overall score is affected by a slightly lower result for video, but at 97 points, the iPhone X ties with the Huawei Mate 10 for the second-highest score in our database of overall mobile image quality. For portraits, the improved telephoto lens delivers sharp results even indoors, and the bokeh simulation produces a natural and pleasing background blur. Outdoors, exposures are outstanding, with great dynamic range, impressive skies, good fine detail, and punchy color rendering. Add to all that the extra features on the front-facing camera, including a Portrait mode for blurred-background selfies, and the iPhone X delivers one hell of a smartphone camera.

The 97 overall score of the Apple iPhone X is just a tad lower than the 98 of the new Google Pixel 2 series
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