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Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition announced

Today, Samsung announced the Enterprise Edition models of the Galaxy A8 and the Galaxy S9 in Germany.
Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition announced
S9 and A8 Enterprise Edition

Internally, there aren't too many differences compared with their regular counterparts. But, the Enterprise Edition Samsung models will have dual SIM card slots, Knox Configure (Dynamic Edition), and Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air (E-FOTA).

The Knox Configure (Dynamic Edition) will allow corporate IT managers to remotely configure a massive number of Samsung handsets to work in specific operations and situations.

On the other hand, the Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air lets firmware updates to be selectively installed on many devices at the same time through a compatible Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.c

Lastly, Samsung Enterprise Edition phones has two-year manufacturer's warranty, security updates for no less than four years, and monthly security updates for three years.

The deviecs will be available for purchase in Germany in April.

According to Samsung, they will sell for EUR 849 (around PHP 53.3K) and EUR 499 (PHP 31.9K), respectively.

Source: PhoneArena
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