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Baseus SM Southmall store now open!

Following its successful debut in the Philippines last late 2017, Baseus, the international phone and gadget brand, has opened its second store in country.
Baseus SM Southmall store now open!
Baseus SM Southmall now open!

The store is located at the 3rd floor of SM Southmall in Las Piñas. The first store of Baseus in the Philippines is at the 3rd floor of the TriNoma mall in Quezon City. Both are in the Metro Manila region.
Ponson Chang, Charles Paw, Vivian Wong, Nickary Dai, PingPing Yant,  Brian Wong, Howard Paw
Ponson Chang, Charles Paw, Vivian Wong, Nickary Dai, PingPing Yant,  Brian Wong, Howard Paw

Expanding our network distribution by opening our second store of Baseus only means that we have a sizeable market that go for practical use of gadgets, and we aim to cater to that. quoted from Charles Paw, CEO of Digits Corp. and the founder and creator of Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, and OMG. 

Inside the store with (left) Nickary Dai ,Vivian Wong, Brian Wong , PingPing Yant
Inside the store with (left) Nickary Dai ,Vivian Wong, Brian Wong , PingPing Yant

In case you missed it, Baseus was derived from "Based on Use". It's a global brand which offers high quality gadgets at a more affordable price tag. Baseus aims to bring high-quality and stylish consumer electronics products to the masses.

Baseus aims to be a notch higher from other gadget and accessories stores in the Philippines. Given the tight competition in the market, we will make sure that user-experience will be a top priority in-store to highlight the high quality and ease of use of our products.

They have a wide-range of products like: innovative phone accessories for OS and android phones, speakers, earphones, gears and gadgets like powerbanks, flash drives, wireless chargers, car chargers, and many more. 

Digits Trading Corporation of Mr. Charles Paw, the company behind Digital Walker and Beyond the Box is the local partner of Baseus in the Philippines.

For more info, visit Baseus Philippines on Facebook.
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