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MediaTek: We are a GOOD BRAND too!

MediaTek has always been a popular name when it comes to mobile processors. However, there are still some people that think that MediaTek's SoCs are unreliable.
MediaTek: We are a GOOD BRAND too!
Helio P60 chip

MediaTek wants to let you know that contrary to what others believe, they are a good brand too. They are making a stand for that with Helio P60. It is one of their latest processors that boast performance and efficiency while keeping affordability.

Here are some key points that MediaTek shared:

1. The processor for the masses - MediaTek is commonly known for their affordable yet effective processors that are usually found in more affordable smartphones. Take the Helio P60, for instance. This is a mid-range SoC with features that can be found in higher end SoCs. They are making features such as A.I. and gaming ready GPUs readily available even for more affordable smartphones.

2. Slow OS updates is not true - MTK processors were commonly accused as the cause for delayed Android updates for MTK devices. However, slow Android updates is a widespread problem among all manufacturers. To understand why Android updates are slow to roll out, you need to understand how it works. There are separate parts for the Android update process the software side and the hardware side. 

Updating the software itself is the easier of the two as implementing new Android features, UI improvements and functionality can be done easily. The source code for the hardware, however, will also be needing an update to accommodate the improvements done in the phone's software. MTK, along with Snapdragon, Exynos and Kirin all share similar processes which means that it is not an isolated case. The good news is MTK is already working on a solution for this.

3. They focus on improving - The MTK processors are regarded as entry-level SoCs for average performing smartphones. That was before the Helio P60 though. The Helio P60 is changing what affordable processors can achieve. 

First off, they are delving into making A.I. readily available even for affordable devices as they are now able to input a great CPU, GPU and now an APU for a more seamless A.I. processing architecture. Whie we are at it, the Mali-G72 GPU is touted to be a gaming ready GPU that should bring 70% increase in gaming performance from previous gen of the P-series.

There are also improvements in camera tech support with Helio P60. It can now support a dual 20MP+16MP setup or a single 32MP camera setup. They also say that it has improved Depth of Field utilization as well as fast speed/high resolution shooting. It is also meant to work with A.I. as well.

MediaTek also champions the CorePilot 4.0 which helps in the performance and power management of the Helio P60. This means that you will get the Helio P60 full capabilities according to what you are doing. 

It is also mentioned that it has improved cellular connectivity. They are saying that they are going to be able to implement Dual 4G VoLTE capable SIM slots.

However, the best thing about the Helio P60 is that it can deliver this kind of performance and features over to affordable smartphone models. It is projected to be featured in most of the best bang-per-buck smartphones to come out this year.

In conclusion, to justify the argument that MediaTek is not a good brand is not a good thing.

All these manufacturers like MediaTek, Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei need each other to continue pushing themselves to innovate and create amazing technology.  
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