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OPPO opens its own Research Institute focusing on A.I. and 5G technology

Based on the report of iFeng.com, a Chinese media site, OPPO has opened its own Research Institute to develop A.I. and 5G technology.
OPPO opens its own Research Institute focusing on A.I. and 5G technology

The OPPO Research Institute will be based in Shenzhen with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Dongguan, Yokohama (Japan), and Silicon Valley (US).

It'll focus on software, hardware, and standards. The report revealed that OPPO will also conduct research on A.I., 5G, image processing, and new materials.

Chen Mingyong, OPPO CEO, said: The establishment of the OPPO Research Institute is a new investment in the company's future in addition to the existing R&D system. Through the different research institutes under the OPPO Research Institute, as well as flexible and dedicated external research cooperation, OPPO will Further enhance its own innovation capabilities, and strive to lead the development and application of artificial intelligence, 5G and other technologies in smart terminals.

The institute opened last March 29 in Shenzhen, China. According to iFeng.com, OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong and OPPO senior vice president Zeng Yuanqing attended the inauguration ceremony and delivered speeches. The company also appointed Liu Chang as the president of the OPPO Institute.

This newfound focus of OPPO when it comes to research could make them an even better mobile brand in the near future.

Exciting right?

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