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Google outs Android P Beta and it will be available in supported phones

The search giant has detailed more aspects of Android P, that had its first developer preview last March which will be finalized this late summer. 
Google outs Android P Beta and it will be available in supported phones
Android P new system navigation

It features a new navigation system. It is now equipped with a pill-shaped Home button, and on-demand Back button that does not show up in the home screen.

By swiping up through the pill, you can enter the Overview mode. When you swipe up again, you can now access the app drawer. Overall, the overview or multitasking view is now combined with the app drawer.

There's now a smart text selection--that recognizes the meaning of the text and suggests relevant actions. 

The Android P now comes with an adaptive battery. It uses a machine that learns the apps you use the most and predicts the next apps you will use. The adaptive battery prioritizes its energy with the apps you will most likely use in the next hours. It results in 30% reduction of CPU wakeups for apps in general.
New dashboard, app timer, and wind down
New dashboard, app timer, and wind down

The smartphone has now adaptive brightness. It will work like Samsung's auto-brightness, in that when you manually adjust the slider, it will remember your setting for that specific lighting situation and then automatically re-apply it in the future. 

There will be a new dashboard that will show how much time you've spent in apps. 

A new gesture called "Shush" will make the phone enter the Do Not  Disturb mode when you turn it over the table. 

Wind Down mode will automatically switch the screen to grayscale when it's time for you to go to bed. You just tell the Google Assistant when you want this to happen. 

The first Anroid P is now out, with a twist. It won't just be available on Pixels as you'd expect. You'll also be able to try it if you have a Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 plus, Oppo R15 Pro, vivo X21, or Essential Phone.

It is an interesting development made by Project Treble. Additionally, the beta will be waiting for you to install it.

Source: GSMArena
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