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MSI-ECS becomes country distributor for Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is expanding their reach in the Philippines by appointing MSI-ECS as their country distributor. MSI-ECS will now carry Juniper's products.
MSI-ECS becomes country distributor for Juniper Networks
MSI-ECS is the country distributor of Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks manufactures high performance networking, security, security, data center and cloud solutions. With MSI-ECS presence in the ICT market, Juniper's reach will greatly improve across a bigger demographic including small and medium-sized businesses.

MSI-ECS will develop a full channel partner enabling and acceleration program that will complement Juniper's own channel program. It aims to provide technical, sales and marketing training to maximize the business opportunities in different things such as cloud, Internet of Things and SDN.

MSI-ECS and Juniper will work together to research and find out the key aspects for their partners and equip them with the skills and information to help their customers. They want to improve their customer's IT infrastructure by supplying them with Juniper's more advance networking and security platforms.

The focus of MSI-ECS will be on partner recruitment, accreditation and sales enabling, providing value-added services such as solution events, training, lead generation, campaign materials and incentive programs.
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