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JobStreet Philippines claims that government employees are happy with their jobs

Contrary to popular opinion, government employees are relatively happy and fulfilled at their jobs according to a study done by JobStreet Philippines.
JobStreet says that government employees are happy
JobStreet says that government employees are happy 

 According to the study, 1,008 government employees (257 government employees and 751 from JobStreet's database) were asked to rate their happiness in various criteria related to work environment. These aspects of the job such as management/leadership team, job security, work life balance and more. They would have to rate their happiness in each category on a scale of 1-7 where 7 is the highest. Government employees has an average of 4.85 points in terms of happiness.

The biggest reasons behind a government employees' happiness were reputation of government agency, relationship with their immediate boss, and the mission, vision and values of their agency. The problem they have, on the other hand, are lack of travel opportunities, lack of performance bonuses and low salary.

Job happiness is an important element of maintaining optimal work performance and employee health. Happier employees are 12% more productive, healthier and stay with their jobs longer.

JobStreet's purpose for the study was to inform their government partners on why government jobs become attractive to those who work in the private sector. They also want to inform them about the factors that make their employees happy and help them maintain current and get new employees.

The study also released that 80 percent of the candidates want to work in the government due to job security, retirement plans and career growth. However, only 37 percent are only qualified eligible for government work.

This research comes hot on the heels of the recent Civil Service Examinations, held last March. It’s up to JobStreet’s government partners to more efficiently and adequately disseminate information about eligibility for civil service, including the different levels of eligibility associated with the CSE-PPT exam. Another exam is coming up in August, and candidates should be well-informed about what to expect, and how to achieve their desired positions.

What do you guys think? Do you want to work for the government?

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