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Samsung could build their own custom GPU soon!

Based on job postings posted on LinkedIn, Samsung is looking to build in-house GPU for their upcoming mobile devices.
Samsung could build their own custom GPU soon!
A custom GPU for their own Exynos chips? Why not?

Samsung may follow Apple's footsteps in designing their own graphics processing unit for smartphones, tablets, and similar products.

They have a design team from California and Texas is pulling talents from Qualcomm, AMD, and Nvidia to design alternative GPUs that they can pair on their Exynos chips.

It will use their own design, so it will not acquire the usual licenses in building a custom GPU.

Samsung is reportedly working on "flagship GPUs" which will be used on lower-end devices initially.

They also plan to focus on machine learning, deep learning, and autonomous driving.

This possible complete in-house development of GPU should reduce Samsung's dependency on partners like ARM or Imagination Technologies.

Source: WinFuture
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