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PLDT, Smart and Huawei achieved 6.5 Gbps of 5G speed!

5G race is on! PLDT and Smart  together with technology partner Huawei achieved 5G speeds breaching 6.5 Gbps!
PLDT, Smart and Huawei achieved 6.5 Gbps of 5G speed!
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The test was conducted earlier this week at the newly installed 5G Technolab of Smart. The 5G Technolab is a facility for research and development, standardization, and testing of 5G broadband technologies and services.
PLDT 5G lab
Photo shows (L-R) Ivan Hu from Huawei, Clint Cation from PLDT-Smart, Daniel Peng from Huawei, Joachim Horn from PLDT-Smart, Czar Lopez, PLDT-Smart, and Mon Isberto, PLDT-Smart

The blazing fast speed of 5G is expected to address the needs of the future. Smart stated that it can open up possibilities for Internet of Things (IoT) applications for Filipinos, particularly in healthcare and smart cities.

In case you missed it, the PLDT group partnered with Huawei last February of 2017 to make the Philippines ready 5G ready in the near future.

Apart from making smartphones, Huawei is the biggest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world.

The 5G network will be available in the Philippines by late 2019 or early 2020.

Exciting right?
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