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Samsung Gear Sport can also add music to your workout

We all love listening to music. It gives us feelings to set the mood in our daily activities. This is especially true with workouts and other physical activity.
Samsung Gear Sport can also add music to your workout
Bring your music with you with Samsung Gear Sport

The Samsung Gear Sport can help you enjoy music while you workout. How much does music affect your performance you ask? Well, here are 3 things that shows how music helps you during your jogs and workout.

1. Setting the Mood - Finding the will to workout regularly is a challenge when you are 2 - 3 months in to your training program. Waking up early or going for a jog after work becomes tedious. But, once you here your favorite pump up music, you get rejuvenated and a fire becomes lit inside you. It pushes you to get up and start working out.

Music from Macklemore, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Jennifer Lopez and even Ariana Grande are just some of the artist that you can listen to so that you can get pumped.
Set your pace, push your limits and jam to your music
Set your pace, push your limits and jam to your music

2. It Measures Time -Setting up a playlist with 15 - 20 songs can get you a play time of around 1 and a half hours to 2 hours. This is ample time to get an efficient workout. This also sets the pace for your body.

A faster tempo song with 120 to 140 BPM can get you through high intensity routines and slow songs that has 80 to 90 BPM are great for cool down.

3. It Pushes You - Sometimes your determination and energy falls short. One more rep, one more set but your body feels that it had enough. Then Kygo's "Stole the Show" plays and you feel like a lot of people is waiting for your final curtain call and you need to push to finish your set. Music has that magical touch to force out that inner beast in you to push through your ceiling and set a new bar for you to reach.

The Samsung Gear Sport has the Samsung Gear App that allows you to bring your own library of favorite music to your workouts. It also support voice search and lets your explore 30 million songs to stream and download. It also works with Spotify.

The Gear Sport is available in the Philippines at an SRP of PHP 14,990.

You can also check out the Samsung Galaxy Studio located at BGC, Taguig.
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