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Starmobile announces improved after-sales and e-warranty apps!

To improve customer service and satisfaction, Starmobile has announced that they now have an improved after-sales and e-warranty apps!
Starmobile announces improved after-sales and e-warranty apps!
Star Phone

It's dubbed as the "Star Phone" by One Smart Star Network at http://onesmartstar.com. Starmobile now has its own E-Warranty app in select Android devices.
E-Warranty app
E-Warranty app

The Star Phone will allow users to access Starmobile services by simply keying in *7827 on the dialer of their phone. According to Starmobile, the app eliminates the need to memorize phone numbers, websites, and social media accounts as it lays out all possible contact points in one screen.

On the other hand, the E-Warranty app was developed to enable customer avail aftersales  service if they lost their official receipts or physical warranty cards. All they need to do is register to their devices online.

All units will be registered into the E-Warranty system with the help of Starmobile’s sales personnel. Just note  that only units with a corresponding code unique to the sales personnel will be honored by the system.

So far, both services are available out of the box on select UP and PLAY series phones.

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