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GadgetVerge Audio Wireless Earphone Review - Pocket-friendly Wireless Audio

GadgetVerge is continuously manufacturing affordable audio devices for everyone. One of which is their Audio Wireless Earphone that sells for PHP 899 only!
GadgetVerge Audio Wireless Earphone Review - Pocket-friendly Wireless Audio
GadgetVerge Audio Wireless Earphone

It's a sports or workout-centric Bluetooth earphones that promises to stay in your neck through their magnetic technology. 

But does it deliver a great sound despite its affordable price tag? Let's find out in our full review!

GadgetVerge Audio Wireless Earphone Specs

Driver type: Dynamic 
Chipset: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Wireless distance: 10 m
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
Battery: Not mentioned
Others: Magnetic housing, ear fins, IPX4 water resistant, dust resistant, sweat resistant
Price: PHP 899

Disclaimer: Widget City, an official re-seller of the GadgetVerge products seeded this unit to us for an unbiased review.


Here's what inside
Here's what inside

GadgetVerge Audio Wireless Earphone arrived in a window type box that gives a sneak peek of what's inside.

Inside you'll find the headphones unit, small & large earbud tips, small & large ear fins, micro-USB charging cable, user guide, and a pouch to secure your earphones.

Build Quality/Design

Magnetic technology on bot outer sides of the earpiece plus ear fins
Magnetic technology on bot outer sides of the earpiece plus ear fins

The earphones has matte rubber earbuds with a flat cable. Its premium matte finish makes it great to hold. The outer side of both earpiece has magnet and ear fins that makes sure of the keeps the unit intact in your ears.

Lightweight and secured in your ears!

The overall build of the earphones are made of high quality matte-rubber material. It has no sharp edges and has good silicon earbuds.
GadgetVerge branding on the bed of the buttons
GadgetVerge branding on the bed of the buttons

On the right earpiece, you'll find the power button, volume up and volume down with three mini openings that lights up 'blue' when the earphones is ready to pair with a device and lights up 'red' when you're going to turn off the earphones and when it runs out of juice.

It also has the IPX4 water, dust, and sweat resistance. This makes up a perfect earpiece for those who are into sports and workouts.


It has volume up, down and power buttons
It has volume up, down and power buttons

The usual size of the earphones we have in the market is the same build with the GadgetVerge's. The overall fit of the earphones are very much comfortable and it really does not get out of its place, thanks to the  ear fins. The soft ear tips made a smooth and no itching experience for me.

The earphones did an excellent job to block the outside noise. As soon as you input the earpieces in your ears,it feels like your ears are ready for some music without getting bothered of the unnecessary noise.

You can go for a run while wearing this earbuds but make sure to lower down the volume for you to be able to be conscious of your surroundings still. Turning the volume up is great for indoor workouts.

Battery Life

GadgetVerge did not mention the battery capacity of the unit. They only mentioned that it can last up to 5 hours of playback time. When we used it with the highest volume possible, it only lasted for 2 hours, but with low to moderate volume, it managed to stay up to 3.5 hours of continuous music.

Fast charging!

Charging time according to the packaging is 2 hours but we were able to full charge the unit in just an hour only!

Sound Quality/Performance

Affordable wireless earphones!
Affordable wireless earphones!

The GadgetVerge Audio Wireless Earphone is easy to operate. You just have to hold the power button and there will be a voice prompting that is ready to pair, and then pair it with your device and you're all set!

You can answer the call by just pressing the middle (power) button and reject a call as well by pressing the same button twice.

You can enjoy wireless music in up to 10 meters. The Bluetooth quality is nice, even if we put the device inside our pockets or bags, the earphones would not disconnect.

Easy and stable connection!

For the audio quality, GadgetVerge Audio Wireless Earphone delivers a decent and nice sound for the price.

Bass is very weak though. Bass is needed for workouts. Mids is quite good in quality. It has decent clarity for the price. Separation is a bit noticeable too. Highs are there though it is not that prominent. Soundstage feels like in a quiet closed room.

The sound distortion at the max volume cannot be noticed, overall it gives a solid audio quality.

Its loudness is enough with good microphone quality for calls. 

Overall, GadgetVerge Audio Wireless has decent audio quality for its price.

Pros - Stable Bluetooth earphones, ear fins, magnetic technology, nice sounds
Cons - Weak bass, low battery life


GadgetVerge Audio Wireless Earphone is a perfect earphones for those into sport and workout, can be for casual listeners as well.

It's very rare for a wireless earphones these days to be priced under PHP 1,000 range so it is safe to say that GadgetVerge is doing a nice job in this Audio Wireless Earphone.

Build/Design - 4
Comfort/Isolation - 4.5
Battery - 3.5
Features - 4
Sound - 4
Average - 4/5
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