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Huawei's new service is to remove bacteria from your smartphone?

Chinese smartphone brand Huawei is adding a unique service to better serve its Filipino customers sanitizing your devices to make sure they are free from germs.
Huawei's new service is to remove bacteria from your smartphone?
Huawei's antibacterial formula

The firm said smartphones can be dirty because users always carry their phones wherever they go, thus providing a high chance of picking up and spreading bacteria.

Given this, in its official Facebook page on July 26, Huawei announced it has started to offer its service of cleaning Huawei devices through using a UV light anti-bacteria machines. 

Huawei is offering this service for free! It has also encouraged its users to visit Huawei service centers across the country to avail of this service.

As of writing, the post has already garnered more than a thousand likes and over two hundred shares!

Huawei has established service centers nationwide to cater to its consumers. Visit its site to know if the company has service center near you!

Just recently, Huawei opened a concept store at the 3rd floor of the Glorietta 2 in Makati City, where it also offers a customer service area inside.  

Isn't this cool, guys? 

Source: Huawei Philippines
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