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MWC Shanghai 2018: Vivo launches the TOF 3D Sensing Technology

Along with the launch of the NEX S and the NEX A, Vivo also launched their Time of Flight 3D sensing technology at the MWC Shanghai 2018. What is it exactly?
Vivo TOF 3D Sensing Technology
Vivo TOF 3D Sensing Technology

The Time of Flight 3D Sensing technology is touted by some as the future of face unlocking in smartphones. It is said to be able to accurately map 3D objects at up to three meters away. It can map up to 300,000 sensor points which is around 10 times the number of sensor points the Structured Light Technology can do.

Aside from facial recognition and security, the Time of Flight 3D Sensing technology opens up a lot of new possibilities for entertainment and productivity. AR games and apps can also benefit from this as well. They are calling these games as Mixed Reality games. The TOF 3D sensor can track your movements and emulate it in game. 

In terms of productivity and creativity, it can also create accurate 3D models of objects and even human heads. This can be useful in terms of 3D printing and animation.

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