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Converge ICT launches the Game Changer Campaign

Converge ICT teams up with ASUS ROG for the Game Changer Campaign. Their aim is to level up the gaming industry through a pure end to end fiber experience.
Converge ICT launches the Game Changer Campaign
Converge ICT launch the Game Changer Campaign

Converge ICT's fiber connection will now be backed up by ASUS ROG's routers. They unveiled what the future holds with a secure, fast and stable internet connection and a high quality gaming router.

The router showcased was first shown at CES 2017 and is ROG's flagship gaming router. It is called the ROG Rapture. Now it is going to help route Converge's pure fiber internet lines with speeds ranging from 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps and even 500 Mbps through their FiberX and Xtreme Plans.

The ROG Rapture is packed with features meant for gamers such as built-in beam forming, MU-MIMO transmission, gigabit throughput speeds, and client-side encryption. There are also Optimized Gaming Ports, ROG Game Boost and even a Gamers' Private Network system that ensures the lowest latency to avoid lag for online games.

New subscribers to Converge's FiberXtreme plans have the exclusive option to get the ASUS ROG Rapture router as an add-on purchase. The FiberX 100 Mbps plan comes with 50 percent off the installation fee and a staggered payment option while the 300 Mbps and 500 Mbps plans can get up to 100 percent discounts on installation fees.

The first 20 subscribers to avail of the ROG Rapture will also get a Limited Edition Republic of Gamers Jacket.

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