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Look: All the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 accessories

Samsung has been upping their smartphone accessory game in recent years and this may be the most exciting yet as with 5 new cases, DeX cable, and the dual wireless charger.
Look: All the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 accessories
4 out of 5 cases that will release with the Note9!

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There will be 5 new cases available for from Samsung for the Galaxy Note9 we had a chance to try 4 of them. 

The first is the Clear View Standing cover which provides multiple viewing angles for the display even when the cover is closed. It has an origami like folding mechanism that allows for the phone to stand freely when viewed in landscape mode.

Second is the Protective Standing cover is the impact resistant and rugged case with a kickstand with a design that heavily reminds us of a popular rugged luggage brand.

The third one is the Leather Wallet cover with a leather exterior and a multiple card slot under the top cover flap.

Last one is the LED View cover which when closed shows an easy to control LED display that shows the time and notifications to be visible without opening the front cover.

The last is the standard silicone case without front cover for those who just want a bumper case!
The all new and longer DeX cable
The all new and longer DeX cable

One new accessory allows the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to connect and use an external display or TV with DeX service without a dock! All you need is this USB Type-C to HDMI cable! This includes screen mirroring.
The Samsung wireless charger duo!

So for people who wanted extra productivity on the go, this option allows you access to Samsung DeX without needing the DeX dock.

The last accessory is the Samsung wireless charger duo which is a new Qi wireless charging tray that can charge two devices at the same time! This may include two Qi compatible smartphones or one smartphone and one smartwatch! It supports fast charging and it connects via USB Type-C.

Stay tuned for the local SRP and the date of availability.

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