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Vivo: Bigger screen is better

Vivo has recently made noise in the smartphone market following the release of V11, boasting a "Halo" FullView Display as one of the best features of the device. 
Vivo: Bigger screen is better
Vivo V11

The Chinese mobile brand said offering the industry with bigger screen and great specifications is a must to address users' demand for a portable smartphone that could also act as their personal computer. 

Given the changing times, what could really be the advantages of having a smartphone with larger screen?

1. Visual Amusement The Vivo V11 does not only offer big screen, but is also equipped with high pixel density and modern specifications. The device is promising an improved viewing experience given its 6.41-inch Super AMOLED Halo FullView Display, allowing users to have more app icons and enjoy live wallpapers.

2. Taking Photos With the rising popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, posting memorable experience with photos online has become the norm. Vivo's newest device seeks to enhance your how you do mobile photography with its slim bezels, measuring only 1.76 mm on the sides and 3.8 mm at the bottom.

3. Watching FilmsVivo V11's larger screen coupled with 3D curved body design means more immersive watching experience. 

4. Gaming Experience - Same as binge-watching movies or series, bigger screen also improves gaming experience. Users of V11 can also expect smooth performance given the device's 6GB RAM and 128gb of internal storage. It also has Auto Gaming Mode, allowing users to keep their games running while they attend to other things. 

5. Video Chatting Experience The Vivo V11 is offering 19.5:9 aspect ratio, giving users better video chatting experience. 

6. Browsing the Web The device's bigger screen also delivers functionality as users can open two tabs at the same time on one screen, enabling users to monitor their social media accounts or researching on the internet. 

7. Typing Quicker Compared to smaller screens, typing on a big mobile screen's virtual keyboard is seamless. 

We think the Vivo V11 is packed with premium features that can really compete in the market.

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