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Vivo's screen and notch evolution

Vivo is always looking to innovate in terms of specs as well as design and build. They choose to have forward-thinking designs whole retaining functionality.
Vivo Nex with the notchless FullView display
Vivo NEX S with the notchless FullView display

A part of this design evolution is Vivo's FullView's display. They are now evolving the FullView displays with a futuristic look and deleting the notch as much as possible. This effort is evident with the V9 and the X21's 19:9 FullView Display.

The evolution has seen an average change of once every three months. Vivo is the first brand to introduce the FullView entirely notchless display. This was shown with the Vivo NEX's Ultra FullView Display with its 6.59-inch Super AMOLED display with an aspect ratio of 19:3:9.

The NEX S attained a 91.24 percent screen-to-body ratio by placing some much needed sensors under the display and by changing the front camera so that it is hidden inside the device and rises up mechanically when needed.
Vivo V11 with the Halo notch
Vivo V11 with the Halo notch

The Vivo V11 also have another version of the notch called the Halo notch. It is a smaller version of the notch that gives it 6.41-inch Super AMOLED Halo FullView display a 91.27 percent screen-to-body ratio.

The smaller notch was made possible by moving the earpiece at the top of the device. It also has an In-Display Fingerprint Scanning technology that further enhances the screen space.

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