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Watch: Honor 8X vs POCOPHONE F1 - Build, design, and screen comparison

The POCOPHONE F1 has one of the best specs for its PHP 17,990. It is also one of the phones with better design and screen in its class.
Watch: Honor 8X vs POCOPHONE F1 - Build, design, and screen comparison
Honor 8X or POCOPHONE F1?

Today, we will see if the new Honor 8X can compete or even match with it in terms of screen and build quality despite its even more affordable price of PHP 12,990.  

Who among the two is better in that aspect.

Honor 8X vs POCOPHONE F1 - Build, design, and screen comparison

Build Quality

Metal and glass
Metal and glass

The Honor 8X boasts a real metal frame and 2.5D glass back and front.
Polycarbonate construction
Polycarbonate construction

On the other hand, the POCOPHONE F1 has a polycarbonate build with 2.5D glass on the top.
Nice slimness
Nice slimness

The plastic build of the POCOPHONE F1 could be durable, but it doesn't feel as premium as the metal and glass construction of the Honor 8X.

However, unlike the POCOPHONE F1, the Honor 8X doesn't have mention of Gorilla glass protection.


Screen comparison
Screen comparison

The Honor 8X is the bigger phone due to its massive 6.5-inch screen. But, even if it has a huge display, the phone is not that big.

It has the size of a regular handset with 6-inch screen and 18:9 screen aspect ratio.

Why? The Honor 8X sports a taller 19:5:9 screen aspect ratio with tiny notch and slim bezels. 

In particular, it has 91 percent of screen-to-body ratio and a 4.2 mm chin.

The result? The phone only measures at 160.4 x 76.6 x 7.8 mm. It is not that heavy at 175 g too.

Its real metal and glass design also made it look very premium for the price.

At 12,990 pesos, the Honor 8X is the most affordable with such feat.
Notch comparison
Notch comparison

On the other hand, the POCO F1 also has a nice design. It also has a tall screen aspect ratio. But, it has a bigger notch and chin bezel versus the Honor 8X. It also has a smaller 6.18-inch 2.5D curved panel.

In particular, it measures at 155.5 x 75.3 x 8.8 mm and weighs at 180 grams.

Its plastic build doesn't feel as premium versus the real metal and glass of the Honor 8X though.

Normally, phones with real metal and glass design are found on high-end smartphones.

Both phones have easy to reach ports and buttons. They also have slots for your favorite wired headphones.

Our thoughts

Both phones have good build and design for the price.

BUT, in this particular comparison, I'll pick the Honor 8X due to its use of more premium materials and a better looking overall design.

It is always amazing to see an affordable smartphone with premium build.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with us?
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