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Google Chrome's dark mode is now on Mac!

After the announcement of Google Chrome's dark mode last month, it's been officially made available today on Mac!
Google Chrome's dark mode is now on Mac!
Google Chrome dark mode now on Mac!

Google Chrome's dark mode now available!

The Chrome's dark mode simply mimics your Mac's dark mode if already enabled. Note that the Mac dark mode is only available to those who have already updated to the macOS Mojave.

Google Chrome's dark mode simply looks like the regular Incognito Mode. You'll mistaken the Google Chrome dark mode and the Incognito Mode as virtually identical because of the  same color hue.

This is not the first time that Google Chrome has offered the dark mode theme. They previously offered themes including dark mode-esque styles. But this time, dark mode is on the official system level.

Google earlier announced that the dark mode will be available on both Mac and Windows OS, but, it seems that it's only available for Mac now.

Are you going to switch to Google Chrome dark mode?

Source: The Verge
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