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HMD Global cares, shares environmental profile of Nokia phones

HMD Global has followed the old Nokia's tradition of releasing the environmental profile of their phones.
HMD Global cares, shares environmental profile of Nokia phones
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The list of phones with environmental profile is found on their website. In that section of their site, you can see the list of materials used on Nokia smartphones and feature phones. You can even check the exact percentage of metal and plastic used in a phone.

We also noticed that most of the materials used by HMD Global on modern Nokia phones are free from harmful materials such as PVC, nickel (on the product surface), brominated and chlorinated compounds and antimony trioxide.

HMD also showed that a percentage of their packaging are made out of recycled materials and it is 100 percent recyclable.

The phones with environmental profile are from Nokia 105 feature phone to Nokia 5.1 smartphone. Most of HMD's new phones are not on the list yet.

Most likely, this is the company's way to help in protecting the environment. Let's hope that more manufacturers will do the same in the near future.

Source: Nokia
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