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MediaTek to launch a 7nm chip with 5G this year

As a follow-up to the Helio P90, MediaTek executives have confirmed that they're working on a new 7nm chip with 5G this year. The chip will be positioned "towards the higher end" of the market of the market.
MediaTek's booth last #MWC19

MediaTek's higher-end chip with 5G soon

In an interview with Android Authority, Finbarr Moynihan, MediaTek's VP for corporate sales and business development revealed that it will be above the Helio P90. It will also sport a variety of machine learning hardware.

He also said that we will see more "high-end" capability than the P90. 

It is unclear though if it will be a part of the Helio X series. It is not clear if the chipset will come with built-in 5G or if it will be fused with the current M70 5G modem as well.

MediaTek previously revealed that they are working on a Cortex-A76 core base.

Last MWC 2019, MediaTek showed the capabilities of the Helio M70. You may click here for our report.

One thing is for sure, this upcoming chip will power premium devices in 2020.

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