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DICT: Despite US allegations, PH government will not block Huawei products

The Philippines was not convinced about the American government's allegations against Chinese tech giant Huawei, stressing there was no proof to support the claims. 
DICT: Despite US allegations, PH government will not block Huawei products
DICT says US has no proof yet against Huawei

No hard evidence yet

According to Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity Allan Cabanlong, there was no hard evidences yet that Huawei uses its products to conduct illegal cyber activities. 
DICT Assistant Secretary Allan Cabanlong
DICT Assistant Secretary Allan Cabanlong

Our stand in the Philippines is that we cannot block something that has no scientific, engineering or IT (information technology)-processed evidence, Cabanlong said. 

Cabanlong also said that if the US really had evidences to prove its case, then these should be revealed and shared with other countries, including the Philippines, before urging them to ban Huawei. 

The US government has long criticized Huawei and questioned the firm's possible involvement in spying. 

However, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Italy as well as Germany had rejected this call for boycott. They even acknowledged the Chinese company's major help to embrace 5G technology. 

The Philippines also wanted to be free from any biases versus Huawei, as the country has its own rules and laws to follow, Cabanlong said.

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Amid the local telcos' plan to shift to 5G network with the help of Huawei, Cabanlong urged the public to not be worried as the government continues to boost its cyberspace.

We are building the platform so that we can test everything especially if it’s government project because we want to assure the public that the systems that we are using, whether it came from China, from the U.S. or from any other countries, are tested and safe to use, he said. 

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Source: Manila Bulletin
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