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How does technology empower women?

March is being celebrated around the world as "Women's Month". But how does technology empower women?
How does technology empower women?
What powers women?

Technology empower women

Argomall, home to the latest smartphones online, have shared with us Ms. Andrea Pasion-Flores' story, the General Manager of Anvil Publishing, on how her mobile phone empower her in this fast-paced world.

Ms. Flores is the first literary agent in the Philippines and is also a lawyer specializing in copyright law. She is also a mother, book publisher, that has a very tight schedule and rarely allows her downtime.

For an author, it’s quite liberating in that if you really want to reach an audience, you can with today's technology, she said. You have a lot of control over that vis a vis your social media - you can build your author brand with tools that are within your reach. For women, in particular, it’s very liberating.

She noted that "technology democratizes writing." Ms. Flores also shared that she reads her manuscripts, works on her emails while on traffic, all on her phone. She also mentioned how the phone's battery life is important to her.

Cheers to all the women! What's your women empowerment story? Share with us in the comments! 
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