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Huawei leads patent race in 2018

China's Huawei is truly the technology leader as it filed the most patent applications at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2018.
Huawei leads patent race in 2018
George Li, Country Manager of Huawei Phippines

Leader in patents

Huawei kept securing its spot in the industry after making 5,405 patent applications to the UN organization, which protects companies' intellectual property, higher than its 4,024 a year earlier. 

George Li, Country Manager of Huawei Phippines also confirmed this news to the local media. 

According to WIPO Director General Francis Gurry, the figure was an "all-time record by anyone."

With Huawei leading the pack, Gurry noted Asia accounted 50.5 percent of the total applications received by WIPO.

Historically, this is really quite extraordinary. Historically, this is a momentous occasion, this is something that is really a very, very significant result, Gurry said.

After Huawei, Mitsubishi Electric came second with 2,812 filings, followed by Intel with 2,499. 

Other Asian firms included at the top eight in WIPO data were China's ZTE Corp. and BOE Technology Group and South Korea's Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. WIPO expects China to beat US-based companies this year in terms of number of patents filed.

Although Huawei has long been branded as a "copycat" for allegedly trying to copy or steal its competitors' intellectual properties, but it still had the most patents applications filed before WIPO.

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Source: CGTN
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