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Blockchain course held at a 2-day intensive training in San Beda University

Blockchain is a growing list of records called blocked which are linked using cryptography.
Blockchain course held at a 2-day intensive training in San Beda University
Blockchain Collective in partnership with San Beda University

You can now study blockchain course in San Beda University!

In case you have been wondering about what is blockchain all about or if you want to learn more about it, you can enroll it now as a course in San Beda University in Manila! 

This is possible with San Beda University's partnership with Australia's first and only government accredited Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain. Blockchain Collective conducted two-day intensive workshop focused on practical and relevant skills to Accounting and Finance students with solid foundation of blockchain knowledge.

There are lots of people who understood coding on the blockchain but when it came to actual strategic thinking on how to apply blockchain to business, that is when there’s a massive gap in the market, said Austin Lewinsmith, co-founder of Blockchain Collective. Currently, there are lots of universities that were doing blockchain short courses but without any certifications.

San Beda University believed that these students will be more confident in taking up their CPA exams or even those who are already professionals. 

The workshop talked about knowledge and examples of Blockchain uses, its benefits and limitations and how it related to the accounting and financial sector. Blockchain's history, evolution, terminologies, current place in the market, and its potential to disrupt many industry sectors were also tackled.

Those who participated received lifetime access to Learning Management System and resources (via online portal), seminar kits, online examination, and Certificate of Attendance that is recognized globally.
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