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Globe's 5G service for homes to deliver an average speed of over 700 Mbps?

Less than a month left before we can witness Globe Telecom's fifth generation (5G) service, are you excited?
Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu
Photo from Globe

During a demonstration shown to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) earlier this week, Globe gave a glimpse of what a 5G network could deliver, a maximum internet speed of 850.39 megabits per second (Mbps). 

In 25 tests, the telco giant was also able to hit an average speed of 786.22 Mbps, a big difference compared to what Filipinos currently experience. Data from Ookla released in March showed that average fixed fixed internet was only below 20 Mbps for the last quarters of 2018, while mobile network speed only reached a little above 15 Mbps.  
Photo from Manila Bulletin

According to Globe president and chief executive officer Ernest Cu, the group would be using Air Fiber Technology, allowing it to deploy fixed wireless broadband at a fiber speed. 

With Air Fiber Technology, Globe will also be free from securing a number of permits just to deploy a fiber optic cable, which means delivering faster and better internet quality will face no delays. 

We have been preparing our network for some time now with our existing vendor partners, including Huawei Technologies. We are happy to bring the Philippines in line with other countries that are early adopters of 5G. Once again, we stay true to our commitment to bring first-world internet in the country, Cu said. 

In June, Globe will initially roll out the service to Filipino households outside Metro Manila, promising blazing fast speeds. 

While Globe decided to first tap the household market, the firm said this first move enables the Philippines to accelerate adoption of Internet of Things (IoT). 

Aside from IoT, 5G can be used for 3D augmented reality, and sectors like mining and healthcare.

Embracing the 5G network would also open new revenue opportunities for telecommunication firms, Sweden-based Ericsson said, noting USD 1.8 billion may be realized once the market bank on 5G network for digitalizaton. 

Industry sources previously said that 5G network will not be matured until 2020, but look how Globe wanted to lead the race. 

What are you expectations with Globe's 5G network? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

Sources: MB Tech, Globe
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