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Huawei phones won't come with pre-installed Facebook apps anymore

In compliance with Trump's Huawei ban on using American parts and software, Facebook Inc. will no longer allowed the Chinese tech giant to pre-installed its apps on its phones.
Huawei phones won't come with pre-installed Facebook apps anymore
Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram on a Huawei P30 Pro

Another blow

The result? Based on the exclusive report by Reuters, new Huawei phones will no longer have pre-installed Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram apps. Customers who already own a Huawei device won't be affected.

It won't be much of a big deal as users can still install the apps via Google Play Store.

The bigger problem of Huawei is if it would no longer be use the proprietary Google Android software after the 90-day reprieve granted by US.

Reuters tried to reach Huawei, but the company declined to comment.

But recently, Huawei said that it was prepared for the actions of the US government. The company even said that they have a ready backup OS compatible with current Android apps.

Huawei argued that the ban is unconstitutional and it won't make the US more secure.

Google also said the Huawei ban is a US national security risk.

Source: Reuters
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