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Google: Huawei ban is a US national security risk

Amid US crackdown on Huawei, Google reportedly said that the ban on the Chinese tech giant is a US national security risk.
Google: Huawei ban is a US national security risk
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Banning Huawei is a US national security risk

According to Financial Times, the senior executives of Google are pushing for an exemption from the Huawei blacklisting that prevented US companies from doing transactions with the Chinese company.

The worry? Google is concern that they won't be allowed to update its Android OS on Huawei smartphones. It would prompt Huawei to develop its own version of the software very quickly.

Google said that the Huawei-modified version of Android would be more susceptible to being hacked. The hybrid OS could have more bugs than the Google on and could put Huawei phones more at risk of being hacked.

Like other US companies, we’re engaging with the Department of Commerce to ensure we’re in full compliance with its requirements and temporary licence. Our focus is protecting the security of Google users on the millions of existing Huawei handsets in the US and around the world, said Google

To recall, Trump's admin announced the ban after the US-China trade talks collapsed. After that Trump targeted Huawei and prevented American companies from dealing with the Chinese tech firm.

The US has been concerned for years that the telecoms equipment sold by Huawei could be used by China for spying and hacking.

Huawei argued that the ban is unconstitutional and it won't make the US more secure.

The company also said that "there is no gun, no smoke" and the accusations are just based on speculation.
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